FOL-LIB/00001 A. W. Tozer

The Pursuit of God

A. W. Tozer 1 Copy (Rental)

The Pursuit of God is a classic resource authored by one of the best-known and loved Christian writers of all time. On a train trip from Chicago to Texas in the 1940’s, A. W. Tozer wrote The Pursuit of God almost overnight. Little did he know that this manuscript will be translated into 15 different languages and become a favourite with over 1.7 million copies in print. The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer shares about how a person can draw near to God and pursue Him in his body, mind, will, emotions, heart, soul, and spirit. It is made up of ten chapters ending with a short prayer. Perhaps, the chapter that best captured my heart is the second chapter—The Blessedness of Possessing Nothing. I received a rebuke and at the same time affirmation that having God in my heart is the most important thing in the world. Here are the two significant lines in that chapter – “The man who has God for his treasure has all things in One.” “Everything is safe which we commit to Him, and nothing is really safe which is not so committed.”

FOL-LIB/00002 Adrian Plass

Broken Windows Broken Lives

Adrian Plass 1 Copy (Rental)

David Harper is no superman. An out of work actor, he decides to apply for the position of house father in a residential school for ‘maladjusted’ boys, as he sees himself as the new Doctor Barnado, surrounded by trajic but beautiful children eternally grateful to him!
The gulf between day dream and reality is quickly bridged as our hero, fearful of violence and racked by self-doubt, meets his charges.

FOL-LIB/00003 Adrian Plass

The Growing Up Pains Of Adrian Plass

Adrian Plass 1 Copy (Rental)

Adrian Plass tells his own story of the progress of faith with irresistible humour and disarming honesty. Through the stories he tells of everyday concerns, Adrian creates a vivid and unforgettable sense of the presence of God in the midst of the problems of ordinary life.

FOL-LIB/00004 Alan Paton

Instrument of thy Peace

Alan Paton 1 Copy (Rental)

Alan Paton is writing for sinners, for those who with their hearts wish to be better, purer, less selfish, and more useful. In this book he looks into the heart and soul of contemporary man to discern the fears and obstacles that shut him away from God. Out of this brave searching emerges a spiritual classic for our times – an intensely personal testament of Christian faith, hope and love in the twentieth century.

FOL-LIB/00005 Allister McGrath

Jesus: Who He is and Why He Matters

Allister McGrath 1 Copy (Rental)

Jesus is the centre of attention, as a new generation of people search for meaning and hope in today’s confused world. In this highly acclaimed book, Allister McGrath explains the secret of Jesus’ continuing attraction and relevance today. He deals with some of the misunderstandings and difficulties people encounter in considering the Christian faith.

FOL-LIB/00006 Allister McGrath

Explaining Your Faith

Allister McGrath 1 Copy (Rental)

You want to tell your friends how exciting and relevant your Christian faith is. But what do you say? This book will help to give a straightforward, readable and intelligent account of what you believe – and why you believe it. He has now expanded and updated his popular book for the nineties.

FOL-LIB/00007 Arterburn, Luck and Wendorff

Being God's Man…in Tough Times

Arterburn, Luck and Wendorff 1 Copy (Rental)

David was to be the future king of Israel. And yet, as you?ll see firsthand in this compelling Bible study, the journey to that goal was filled with dangers, delays, and difficulties.
Just like David, every man has a dream of who he wants to become. But getting there is a different story. Hardships and losses can destroy the faith?and even the life?of a lesser man.
Many men fail to realize their dreams because they choose comfort over character, image over substance, and escape over endurance. But a man who knows how to embrace hardship and learn to mine it for God?s purposes will see his godly dreams come true.
Hardships are inevitable. Embracing them is a choice. God?s dream for you is at stake. And Being God?s Man?in Tough Times will equip you to overcome life?s difficulties in the power and wisdom of God.

FOL-LIB/00011 Betty McKay

Bruised But Not Broken

Betty McKay 1 Copy (Rental)

A reject and a rebel from the age of four, Eddie Murson felt unloved and took out hos anger on anything he could see. A criminal career that started when he was nine years old quickly led into more and more serious trouble.
In prison God grabbed his attention through a variety of people – and showed him that it was possible to trust and love. He now reaches out to others through a ministry to the homeless, a real testimony to the power of God to renew the whole person.

FOL-LIB/00012 Billy Graham and Rebecca Pippert

You His Witness

Billy Graham and Rebecca Pippert 1 Copy (Rental)

They have witnessed to Christ at a private dinner at the White House, to the poor of Mother Teresa’s Calcutta, to a friend who models Playboy> Billy Graham and Becky Pippert know that witness takes a Christlike blend of proclamation and service, of what you say and who you are. Here two of the world’s great Christian communicators use the Bible straightforward teaching and their own personal encounters to show how all Christians can become more effective in sharing their faith.

FOL-LIB/00013 Brennan Manning

The Ragamuffin Gospel

Brennan Manning 1 Copy (Rental)

As Christmas today, we often focus on spiritual achievement, beating ourselves up when we don’t perform the way we think we should. We believe in God’s grace – in theory. But, somehow, we can’t manage to apply it to our day to day lives.
The truth is, we can’t earn God’s acceptance, any more than we can earn salvation. Yet He gives it to us, willingly – no matter who we are or what we’ve done. We are all ragamuffins. Each of us comes beat-up, burnt-out, ragged and dirty to sit at our father’s feet. And there He smiles upon us – the chosen objects of His furious love.

FOL-LIB/00014 Brian Tracy

Mastering Your Time

Brian Tracy 1 Copy (Rental)

Those who get more done in less time get more out of life . . . more rewards, more success, and more free time to pursue their dreams and enjoy themselves. In fact, you’ll discover from success expert Brian Tracy, that “the quality of your life is largely determined by the quality of your time management.” You don’t have to be cold and calculating to be well organized. Time mastery does not mean letting the clock rule your life. In fact, the very opposite is true: time mastery gives you the absolute freedom to do what you want, when you want to do it. Ironically, you even learn to make time for spontaneity. The more time you make for yourself, the more free time you’ll have. Unlike many programs on time management, this program has no charts, no forms, no daily schedules. Tracy believes in them but knows you are quite capable of developing them for yourself. His purpose in this program is to teach you the philosophy of time management, to help you internalize it, and to help you develop a belief system that will make your every moment more efficient. You’ll make a decision to become excellent at time management . . . to concentrate on the highest pay-off tasks. Your life will simply begin to work better. Through repeated listening to these tapes, you’ll learn to: ? Use positive self-talk and affirmations to change your self-conceptions about time? Visualize efficiency and excellence using mental rehearsal techniques? Model your own behaviour after the most efficient people you know? Learn to lead others as an example of successful time management? Become results-oriented, working smarter, not harder? Delegate more effectively and become more adept at prioritizing? Energize yourself with the positive results of your labour By becoming a master of your time, you’ll greatly improve the sense of control you have and in turn improve your well-being in every aspect of your life.

FOL-LIB/00015 Brian Tracy

Successful Selling

Brian Tracy 1 Copy (Rental)

Pattern yourself after the very best people in your field. Do what they do. Keep yourself positive, cheerful and goal oriented. Sales success is 80 percent attitude and only 20 percent aptitude. Combine the dual qualities of empathy and ambition in every sales relationship. No other book can come close to the expertise captured in Brian Tracy’s great little book on successful selling. You will be delighted by Brian’s common sense and realistic, fresh approach to selling.

FOL-LIB/00016 Briar Whitehead

Craving for Love: Relationship Addiction, Homosexuality, and the God Who Heals

Briar Whitehead 1 Copy (Rental)

Homosexuality is one of the clearest expressions asserts Briar Whitehead, of the common tendency to make someone else as an all-in-all in the attempt to relieve emotional pain. When relationships are used in this way we often find ourselves addicted to them.
Briar Whitehead believes that additive forms of relating – homosexual or heterosexual – express unmet needs that can only be satisfied by a radical experience of the love of God, by informed support and by steady, genuine, non-erotic love and friendship from others.
This shrewd, very human book is the result of years in research, correspondence and mentoring of people trapped in addictive relationships and behaviour. It includes contributions from former homosexuals and others who have been healed from addictive relationships.

FOL-LIB/00017 Brother Andrew

God's Smuggler

Brother Andrew 1 COPY (Rental)

God smuggler carries contraband Bibles past armed border guards to bring the love of Christ to the people behind the Iron Curtain. Brother Andrew grew up in a devoutly Christian home in a tiny town in Holland. His bags bulging with Bibles, over borders and back again, he has penetrated every Communist country, including Red China. Andrew’s account of his mission is a story of exuberant, danger-charged adventure for Christ, which has become an international best-seller.

FOL-LIB/00018 Bruce E. Porterfield

Commandos for Christ

Bruce E. Porterfield 1 Copy (Rental)

This is a true story of the missionary, Bruce Porterfield, and his colleagues who sought to bring the Gospel to savages in the “Green Hell” of Bolivia.

FOL-LIB/00019 Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Spiritual Parenting

Charles Haddon Spurgeon 1 Copy (Rental)

Your child is worth all the Time, Money, Heartaches, and Effort.
Charles Haddon Spurgeon shows you how to:
● Impact the world one child at a time – your child can make a difference!
● Train your children to make good choices
● Discipline with God’s loving hand
● Love them when you hate their behaviour
● Teach them to be givers, not takers
● Build a compassionate heart in them
● Help them discover their new best friend, Jesus
● Encourage their leadership and ministry skills
● Build strong, healthy, happy families.

FOL-LIB/00022 Charles Ellis

The Wells of Salvation

Charles Ellis 1 Copy (Rental)

The wells of salvation, by the authors of Heirs Together of Life, is composed of 98 short studies covering the entire book of Isaiah. If you have concentrated on the New Testament, if you have been intimidated by the length of Isaiah, or if you have skipped the first thirty-nine chapters, you may find this book just what you need. It is easily read, interesting and profitable.
Grand themes of Scripture, which are emphasized include:
● The Bible one book with one passage
● The seed in Isaiah; the full bloom in the New Testament
● The sovereignty of God in creation and in providence
● The electing grace of God and his faithfulness to his people
● The universality of the church of Christ and its unity in all history
● The centrality of the Lord Jesus Christ and the salvation He provides for his people at His own wells.
Even while this book underlines the greatness of our God and challenges us to a humble walk before Him, it encourages us in love and causes us to rejoice in the victory he secures for His people.

FOL-LIB/00023 Charles. John Brown

The Divine Glory of Christ

Charles. John Brown 1 Copy (Rental)

This is a pre-1923 historical reproduction that was curated for quality. Quality assurance was conducted on each of these books in an attempt to remove books with imperfections introduced by the digitization process. Though we have made best efforts – the books may have occasional errors that do not impede the reading experience. We believe this work is culturally important and have elected to bring the book back into print as part of our continuing commitment to the preservation of printed works worldwide. This text refers to the Bibliobazaar edition.

FOL-LIB/00024 Claire Disbrey

Living In Grace

Claire Disbrey 1 Copy (Rental)

In recent years, the church’s witness has been overshadowed at times by its struggles with painful ethical controversies, facing apparently start choices between “keeping the law” or “doing what love demands”. At the same times, in our post-Christian, multi-faith culture, we urgently need to find common ground on which to base shared values for society. Can the Bible help us in these circumstances? Is it the ultimate book of rules to be obeyed – or is it telling us simply to follow the “the way of love”? Can we take the Biblical call to holiness seriously without becoming modern-day Pharisees and respond to the awesome responsibility of the Christian’s radical freedom from living under the law?
This book looks at people in real, complex life situations and at specific passages from the New Testament, and demonstrates how the teaching of both Jesus and the apostle Paul in fact reveals a third way, transcending, both legalism and a kind of hedonism. It shows how the ancient, rediscovered notions of virtue ethics can help lead us through hard personal decisions and painful ethical dilemmas. The author argues that in following this third way, we must heed the Bible’s challenging call to let God’s spirit change us, so that we learn to ‘live well’, with the fruit of the spirit manifest in our lives.

FOL-LIB/00026 Clifford and Monica Hill

And They Shall Prophesy

Clifford and Monica Hill 1 Copy (Rental)

The Kansas City prophets – true servants of God or a charismatic cult?
When a new prophetic movement sweeps through the church with tremendous power and influence, what is our proper response to it? Should we recognise it as the fulfilment of the Prophet Joel’s promise that ‘your sons and daughters will prophesy’, or do we follow the basic advice given to New Testament Christians by John, ‘test the spirits…because many false prophets have gone out into the world?
Clifford and Monica Hill examine the new wave of spiritual phenomena which is having such a dramatic effect in today’s church and look at where the trends in the charismatic movement are leading. The conclusions they reach are of startling and crucial importance.

FOL-LIB/00027 Colin Urquhart

The Positive Kingdom

Colin Urquhart 1 Copy (Rental)

How to live in the power of God’s kingdom on earth today, by the author of Faith for the Future and Holy Fire. Many Christians think that God’s kingdom can only be entered beyond death. Even then, there is an element of uncertainty as to whether they will be accepted by God. Colin Urquhart has a different and thrilling message. Jesus came to give you the kingdom! The kingdom he offers you has resources far beyond those of any earthly kingdom. It is God’s intention for you to possess the kingdom of heaven now. The growth of God’s kingdom is hindered by the negative influences of the world, but Jesus provides the way to freedom and new life. Colin Urquhart shows how the kingdom of God can be a present and practical reality in the lives of Christians today.

FOL-LIB/00029 Dale Carnegie

Public Speaking

Dale Carnegie 1 Copy (Rental)

Drawing on Dale Carnegie’s years of experience as a business trainer this book will show you how to overcome the natural fear of public speaking, to become a successful speaker and even learn to enjoy it.
His invaluable advice includes ways to:
- Develop poise
- Gain self-confidence
- Improve your memory
- Make your meaning clear
- Begin and end a presentation effectively
- Interest and charm your audience
- Improve your diction
- Win an argument without making enemies

FOL-LIB/00030 Dan Neidermyer

Scripture Plays

Dan Neidermyer 1 Copy (Rental)

More than just a book of religious plays, this is a book of Scripture plays – dramatizations of the Word of God as recorded in the Holy Bible. These ten plays have been stage-tested by hundreds of performances throughout the United States, the Caribbean, Canada and Scandinavia. though written for semi-professional actors they can easily be performed by actors with limited experience. Excellent for use by church drama groups because only very limited props or costumes are required.

FOL-LIB/00032 Dave Roberts

The Toronto Blessing

Dave Roberts 1 Copy (Rental)

Throughout much of 1994 thousands of Christian leaders from all around the globe flocked to a previously unnoticed church on the edge of Toronto Airport. As month followed month, and people went back to their own churches, rumours spread that God was visiting his people with a strange new phenomenon which the secular press were quick to dub ‘the Toronto blessing’. Strong people wept, serious people laughed, quiet people roared. What was going on? Was it really new? Was it always a blessing? And how were other pastors handling the new emotional climate in their churches? Dave Roberts was one journalist determined not to rely on second-hand reports. Which is why. one might in the summer of 1994, he landed at Toronto Airport to see for himself – and for those who may never get on a plane to Canada but who definately want to know what’s behind it all.

FOL-LIB/00033 David Bach

The Automatic Millionaire

David Bach 1 Copy (Rental)

David Bach’s no-budget, no-discipline, no-nonsense system will help you finish rich automatically. Do you want to live rich and retire richer? Rich enough to stop worrying about money? Then start making your money work for you. Reaching financial security is amazingly simple and easy, no matter what your income. Cutting through the jargon, David Bach’s common sense advice and practical strategies will help you take control of your finances and change your life. All you have to do is follow the one-step programme – the rest is automatic!

FOL-LIB/00035 David Oyedepo

Walking in Dominion

David Oyedepo 1 Copy (Rental)

Say unto God, How terrible art thou in thy works! through the greatness of thy power shall thine enemies submit themselves unto thee. Psalm 66:3
We have never seen the kind of power that God is about to display in the Church! The enemies of God will be brought under His footstool; and until this is done, Christ will not come. The Word of God says, “Through the greatness of thy power…”, not through the greatness of thy teachings, sermons, or religious obligations. The Church might have seen power in the past, but God is now talking about the greatness of His power! Christianity without power is a frustrated religion! No matter how religious you are, Pharaoh won’t let you go without first a demonstration of God’s power; your grammar, education or wealth not withstanding. Paul knew this too well and disclosed the secret of his dominion in 1 Corinthians 2:4:
And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power:
The end-time Church is a Church of power; it is a ruling and reigning Church.

FOL-LIB/00036 David Oyedepo

Walking in the Newness of Life

David Oyedepo 1 Copy (Rental)

Walking In The Newness Of Life is a pungent epoch-making presentation of Holiness aimed at tracing and trapping sin, so as to establish a trail of Holiness in our Christian walk. By prophecy, the end-time Church is programmed to enjoy inexplanable and unbeatable beauty, honour and glory as the arrival of the Bridegroom approaches. Dr. David Oyedepo, in this book, shows how a believer can step out of shame, reproach and affliction (created by sin) into a super highway of holiness, purity and righteousness. It will also show you how to leave the wilderness and step into Canaan. The cheapest, do-it-yourself answer to the issue of freedom from satanic oppressions and demonic influences is contained in Walking In The Newness Of Life. This book announces that there is a wave of holiness that is coming upon the body of Christ, to prepare her for the final onslaught against Satan’s dominion; which will cause believers to take their place in destiny and bring God’s people to their heritage.
Many are stranded, many are strangulated, life is becoming terribly unbearable for many all because of sin! It is time to take your place in true holiness unto God. You will encounter the holiness of God in this book that will make you walk in newness of life. Sin can be stopped. Holiness is possible!

FOL-LIB/00037 David Oyedepo

Annointing for breakthrough

David Oyedepo 1 Copy (Rental)

This book will change you! It has a dynamic supernatural force behind it. I will teach you how to use tested spiritual principles to combat failure, poverty and lack. It will open you up to a brand new world of achievement, fulfilment and abundance. It will translate you into the glorious realm of sweatless triumph.
Dr. David Oyedepo, with the skill of a master, makes the subject of anointing appealing to all who desire a breakthrough in every dimension of life.
If you’re tired of struggling and desire a change, this book will do just that!

FOL-LIB/00038 David Oyedepo

Dramatic Turnarounds

David Oyedepo 1 Copy (Rental)

Over two decades ago, God said to his servant, “the hour has come to liberate the world from all oppressions of the devil, through the preaching of the word of faith”, and I am sending you to undertake this task.” Since then Dr. David Oyedepo has been preaching and teaching the word of faith from the liberation of mankind. Again, in the wake of June 29, 1992, the spirit of God said to him expressly, “It is time for a change, prepare yourself for the imminent change of phase I have talked about over the years. It is the era of signs and wonders!
It’s a new dimension of a higher order! Begin to declare a total war against the kingdom of darkness, proclaim liberty, emphasize power, step into the realm of anointing. Usher in this era with me!”

FOL-LIB/00039 David Oyedepo

Success Systems

David Oyedepo 1 Copy (Rental)

What is success? Success can be defined, as the satisfactory realisation of a given goal or a set objective. In other words, success is the satisfactory accomplishment, in the pursuit of a given purpose. Success is a universal desire. Everyone yearns for success in one form or the other. Unfortunately, many go about in life chasing after shadows, because they do not understand, what the complex system called success is made up of. Your success in life should not be dependent on man’s fabricated opportunities, but should be monitored and guided by your input.

FOL-LIB/00041 David Oyedepo

Signs & Wonders Today

David Oyedepo 1 Copy (Rental)

We are in the Kingdom age; in the power era of the Church. By God’s grand design, the time for the manifestations of sons of God is now with us. This book in your hand is all about the move of God in the now. Signs and Wonders Today is a catalogue of the amazing acts of God in the dynamic ministry of Dr. David O. Oyedepo, where supernatural breakthrough has been the order of the day among men and women. Terminal sicknesses and diseases have been brought to their knees, and the barren had become joyful mothers of children; all by the operation of many-sided wisdom of God as unfolded from scriptures. The testimonies in this book will not only bless you but challenge you to greater exploits. This is because it contains keys that will help you reproduce the same testimonies in your own life.
Reading this book will also equip you to go forth as a deliverer, disarming the enemy and setting the captives free. Welcome to the world of signs and wonders!

FOL-LIB/00044 David Wilkerson

The Cross and the Switchblade

David Wilkerson 1 Copy (Rental)

The face of a killer started David Wilkerson on his lonely crusade. One night in his country parsonage, David picked up Life magazine and saw the tormented face of a teenage gang member accused with six others of brutally murdering another teenager. And David Wilkerson had to help. Thus began one of the most inspiring missions ever to take place in New York’s hellholes. Armed only with the Gospel, David went into the slums – and the miracles happened. Crime-hardened gang leaders knelt in the streets to pray, frightened children sobbed out their loneliness and anger, heroin mainliners found the courage to break their addiction. Today Teen Challenge, founded by Wilkerson in New York, is a fast-growing movement throughout the country, helping lost teenagers find a new life in the Holy Spirit. The Cross & The Switchblade has sold millions of copies worldwide and remains one of the most inspiration and challenging stories of all times.

FOL-LIB/00045 John & Elizabeth Sherill

Happiest People on Earth (Demos & Rose Shakarian)

John & Elizabeth Sherill 1 Copy (Rental)

The Demos Shakarian story is about God’s presence in our lives, and the miracles He will perform when we let Him, when we’re willing to get out of the way to let Him take over. Mr. Shakarian’s story is about a loving God and a loving son, whose heart wants to be in his Father’s perfect will, but being human, forgets, and gets in the way. And God waits until he figures that out, steps back, and lets Him lovingly fix everything, often seeing miracles as Father God worked in his life, and in the lives of the people around him. It is a book of hope, of promise, and of love, things we all need and often forget where to go to get them. It was exactly what I needed to read, and I highly recommend it to others

FOL-LIB/00046 Derek Tidball

Messengers of Good News

Derek Tidball 1 Copy (Rental)

“If we want to learn about evangelism from the Bible, we have to study the people who did it”.
The Bible shows that God used people like us to confront, challenge, comfort and encourage their contemporaries. Derek Tidball draws on the stories of their experiences to show how God can use us to do the same.

FOL-LIB/00047 Dick Dowsett

God that's not fair

Dick Dowsett 1 Copy (Rental)

Today more and more Christians are oblivious of the danger that rests over the heads of the unevangelized. They live under the sick illusion that there is a back door into Heaven, or some other way that they can be saved. In these letters to a young Christian Dick Dowsett not only answers those who accuse God of injustice but shows that if we really believe in Hell we must warn those in danger of the fearful judgement ahead; to leave them in ignorance is a kind of murder.

FOL-LIB/00048 Dick Mills

He Spoke and I was Strengthened

Dick Mills 1 Copy (Rental)

Streams of living waters. Your soul will be satisfied…for you will learn to drink deeply…from the fountain of living waters…
Here are the messages that flow from the streams of those waters, bringing peace and refreshment to the discouraged, the lonely, the apprehensive and the weary from all walks of life. The healing, cleansing power of these words will help you discover the secret of an ever-flowing river of strength.

FOL-LIB/00049 Don Basham

A Handbook on Holy Spirit Baptism

Don Basham 1 Copy (Rental)

Obtain the Power of God
Don Basham answers the most frequently asked questions about receiving and ministering this special empowerment of God’s Spirit. Here are solid, biblically based discussions about many vital aspects of this important subject, including:
• What is the baptism in the Holy Spirit?
• What is speaking in tongues?
• Are miracles for today?
• How to receive the Holy Spirit
• Overcoming hindrances to receiving the Spirit
• How to tell a counterfeit experience
• Why should I speak in tongues?
You will experience a new power to witness and more power in prayer as you find the Scriptures coming alive to you. Discover all of the life–changing benefits God wants to give you today!
“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.“––2 Timothy 1:7

FOL-LIB/00050 Donald A. McGravran

Understanding Church Growth

Donald A. McGravran 1 Copy (Rental)

One of the premier missiologists of the twentieth century, a man of verve and vision, and father of the Church Growth Movement. Donald A McGavran has worked tirelessly for decades to advance the church’s worldwide mission. McGavran understands Church Growth, first published in 1970 and revised in 19080, has become a missionary classic: no other book has so penetratingly analysed the mechanisms of the spread of the gospel. McGavran skilfully combines the theological convictions, empirical research, sociological principles, and spiritual insight to mould a paradigm for effective evangelism strategy both at home and abroad.
This third edition of McGavran’s foundational church-growth text retains the book’s original aim and essence. At the same time, Peter Wagner, long-time colleague of McGavran, has modernized the language and streamlined the flow of ideas, reducing the book’s bulk by 35 percent. Other features of this new edition include and an additional chapter by McGavran on divine healing and an expanded, updated, and annotated reading list.

FOL-LIB/00051 Duncan Campbell

The Price and Power of Revival

Duncan Campbell 1 Copy (Rental)

The contents of this book summarise within a few short chapters the spiritual awakening that swept Lewis-and-Harris, one of the Outer Hebrides Islands off the north-west coast of Scotland, during 1940-1953. So great was the distress and so deep the hunger which gripped men and women that they refused to go home…and the church was moved by a power they had not before experienced.

FOL-LIB/00052 E. W Kenyon

In his Presence

E. W Kenyon 1 Copy (Rental)

AT LAST, A REAL SOLUTION TO THE PRAYER PROBLEM! This book is not written about what others were and did, but about what we are and can do! It is a lifting of the curtain and a revealing of the holy of holies and our ability to enter it in stand in the presence of the Father. It is the discovery of the fact that God’s ability is available to every child of God. Much of it will be new and a challenge to earnest spirits to climb the heights and to sound the depths of these tremendous spiritual realities. It will remove the mist that has surrounded the prayer life, and lead us out of spiritual mysticism into the LIGHT OF LIFE! It will show us the authority of the Name of Jesus, and how to use it. This book has been a challenge and blessing to countless multitudes all over the world. This is your invitation to open the door… enter… and stand in the presence of the Father!

FOL-LIB/00053 E.A. Adeboye

The Master Key

E.A. Adeboye 1 Copy (Rental)

Are you limited by a closed door? “The Master Key” is a book that sheds light on how you can open all doors. Written with characteristics simplicity, this book offers solution to the problems of life. You will find the truths in this book universally applicable to all areas of human limitations. The central themes of “The Master Key” is that you can open all doors with the Master Key.

FOL-LIB/00054 Edwin Louis Cole

Maximized Manhood

Edwin Louis Cole 1 Copy (Rental)

Pornography. Adultery. Television addiction. Immaturity. Dr. Edwin Louis Cole, known as “the father of the Christian men’s movement,” was not afraid to tackle the tough topics that affect men today. His straightforward, biblical insights help men and women alike to realize their full potential in Christ. Putting the principles found in Maximized Manhood into practice will revolutionize your home and transform your life into what God designed it to be. This newly revised edition of a best–selling book for men just got better!

FOL-LIB/00055 Elizabeth Sherrill

All the Way to Heaven

Elizabeth Sherrill 1 Copy (Rental)

For fifty years, in best-selling books and memorable articles, Elizabeth Sherrill has written the stories of people For fifty years, in bestselling books and memorable articles, Elizabeth Sherrill has written the stories of people such as Corrie ten Boom, Brother Andrew, and David Wilkerson. Now, for the first time, she shares her personal pilgrimage. With honesty, humor, and insight, Elizabeth traces her journey from an agnostic upbringing, through clinical depression, to a stunning encounter with God. Written with a rare literary finesse, this spiritual journey will touch believers as no other book has and will give them an inspiring vision of their eternal future in heaven.

FOL-LIB/00056 Enoch and Folu Adeboye

Heaven in Your Home: A Classic on Marriage and Family

Enoch and Folu Adeboye 1 Copy (Rental)

Heaven in your home is a classic. This book is specially produced for all those who desire God’s best in marriage. It is a product of years of experience in building a model family. It addresses questions that are generally asked by children, youths, bachelors, spinsters, husbands and wives. This is a marriage manual which will restore the dignity of marriage, uphold the integrity of God’s word, rekindle genuine love in the family and renew godly interest in Biblical principles which make individuals stronger, homes stable, the church revived and nations rejuvenated. Now is the time to experience greatness in your marriage.

FOL-LIB/00057 Eric Gaudion

Braving the storm - survival tactics

Eric Gaudion 1 Copy (Rental)

Eric tells the truth about pain. There’s no gloss, fluff, hyper-spirituality or cliches. The absence of them all makes me grateful, for slogans sting like salt on an already deep wound when you’re suffering.
You won’t find slick answers in this book, or a satisfying, “happily ever after” ending. What you will find is words that are written in blood, sweat, and tears rather than just ink. You’ll look into the heart of a fellow traveller, who must have been tempted to slam the door once and for all in the face of a God who calls himself good. Here is warm hope, honest empathy, faith that is gritty and authentic

FOL-LIB/00058 Erwin Lutzer

Keep your Dream Alive

Erwin Lutzer 1 Copy (Rental)

All of us have dreams – shattered or fulfilled; small or large; past or present. This book is about those dreams.
It is also about Joseph – a man who kept his dream alive through twenty years on an emotional roller coaster, from prison to palace, from slave to saviour of his people. Through this study Erwin Lutzer will help you to realize:
● We must all live with unfulfilled dreams
● The fact that we are alive proves God has a dream for us
● We must let God show us what His dream is for us
● There is nothing that can thwart that dream if God has chosen it for us.
Perspective is the ability to see things as they really are. The Life in Perspective series by Erwin Lutzer helps all of us see earth’s trials and challenges from God’s point of view, through the experiences of some of the Bible’s most loved personalities. Dr Lutzer is convinced that our problems become smaller when our conception of God becomes bigger.

FOL-LIB/00059 Esther E. Enock

The Missionary Heroine Of Calabar

Esther E. Enock 1 Copy (Rental)

“In 1874 came news of the Homecall of Dr. Livingstone, and the great wave of missionary enthusiasm which stirred the land set aflame the spark which for years had smouldered in Mary Slessor’s heart. It blazed up and stirred her to action, and in 1876 she set sail from Liverpool to Africa to go forward to preach the Salvation that is in Christ where it had seldom or never been preached. This record should inspire many to do as she dared, confident in the sustaining power of the same God that carried Mary Slessor triumphant through all her hardships, perils and difficulties”.

FOL-LIB/00060 Eugena Price

Just As I Am

Eugena Price 1 Copy (Rental)

What can console the widow and parents of a young man killed in combat…or a young woman struck down in the casual violence of our increasingly threatening streets? What choice for the guilt-ridden man who loves his wife, his children – and his mistress? Is there a “correct” way to approach God?
The answers are not in protests, psychiatrists, divorce or even death. Eugena Price seeks and finds answers in deep and abiding love and faith that has broken every barrier down.
The old song JUST AS I AM as brilliantly, clearly interpreted by Miss Price offers a bright new beacon in the search for a securely meaningful Christian life

FOL-LIB/00064 Reverend (Mrs ). Olufemi Joseph

Breaking out Of the Snare Of the Devil

Reverend (Mrs ). Olufemi Joseph 1 Copy (Rental)

The Lord’s commission “This is not your place, I have to go and set free my people from bondage”. Life was wonderful for Femi Joseph. At work and at home. She lived a life of excitement and glamour. Then the nightmare began, she started experiencing series of demonic attacks until the Holy Spirit intervened and exposed evil doers. This is the thrilling story of how Femi’s life changed from bitterness and unforgiveness to peace and radiant happiness. In this book she speaks of her spiritual pilgrimage and tells how the snare over her life was broken and how the snare over the lives of others can be broken.

FOL-LIB/00065 Francine Rivers

The Scarlet Thread

Francine Rivers 1 Copy (Rental)

This best-selling novel by popular author Francine Rivers is now available in mass paper. When Sierra discovers her young ancestor’s handcrafted quilt and reads her journal, she finds that their lives are very similar. By following her ancestor’s example, she learns to surrender to God’s sovereignty and unconditional love

FOL-LIB/00066 Francine Rivers

Redeeming Love

Francine Rivers 1 Copy (Rental)

California’s gold country, 1850. A time when men sold their souls for a bag of gold and women sold their bodies for a place to sleep. Angel expects nothing from men but betrayal. Sold into prostitution as a child, she survives by keeping her hatred alive. And what she hates most are the men who use her, leaving her empty and dead inside. Then she meets Michael Hosea. A man who seeks his Father’s heart in everything, Michael Hosea obeys God’s call to marry Angel and to love her unconditionally. Slowly, day by day, he defies Angel’s every bitter expectation until, despite her resistance her frozen heart begins to thaw. But with her unexpected softening come overwhelming feelings of unworthiness and fear. And so Angel runs. Back to the darkness, away from her husband’s pursuing love, terrified of the truth she can no longer deny: Her final healing must come from the One who loves her even more than Michael Hosea does…the One who will never let her go. A powerful retelling of the book of Hosea, Redeeming Love is a life-changing story of God’s unconditional, redemptive, all-consuming love.

FOL-LIB/00067 Francis McNutt

The Prayer that Heals

Francis McNutt 1 Copy (Rental)

‘Praying at home is such a beautiful experience, and so easy to learn if people are taught and encouraged to try. I hope this little book meets the needs of families that want to learn, as simply as possible, how to pray at home, who especially want to learn to pray for the healing of members of their family. I would like this book to help in a gentle revolution that will get families actually to pray together. I hope it will show how you can pray for healing with your husband, your wife, your child, or your friend.

FOL-LIB/00068 Frank Peretti

The Visitation

Frank Peretti 1 Copy (Rental)

A weeping crucifix brings healing to a severely crippled man. A mysterious visitor appears to a distraught woman, assuring her that God has heard her plea for a miracle. A group of worshippers see Christ in the clouds. Are these miracles a sign that God is speaking to His people in the last days?
In ‘The Visitation’, Frank Peretti weaves the story of a small farming town in eastern Washington that is turned upside-down by supernatural occurrences and visitations of a new messiah. Told in first person narrative, through the eyes of a burnt-out pastor, ‘The Visitation’ offers a chilling look at the battle for our minds through one man’s crisis of faith.

FOL-LIB/00069 Fraser Grace

Stand Up Poetry

Fraser Grace 1 Copy (Rental)

Here’s a powerful collection of over forty performance poems of different moods, combining well-known talents with the voice of a generation of young writers.
Enjoy them anytime, or use them in a guest evening home group, youth programme or other activity. Each one has been selected for its insight and quality – as well as its teeth.

FOL-LIB/00070 Fred Lemon

Going Straight

Fred Lemon 1 Copy (Rental)

As the gates clanged behind him, Fred Lemon knew that from now on he would be going straight. Since Jesus had appeared to him in his Dartmoor cell, things had been different. In Breakout he told the story of his early life of crime, drunkenness and violence which led him into Wandsworth and Dartmoor. All this changed with Jesus’ visit. In this book Fred invites you to come and share some of his experiences since he’s been going straight. He says, ‘You will find in these pages that even the most ordinary setting – a shop, a homely room – can become the place where miracles take place, and that extraordinary things can happen to the most ordinary people.

FOL-LIB/00071 Frtiz Ridenour

How to be a Christian without being Religious

Frtiz Ridenour 1 Copy (Rental)

Since the Early Church, too many Christians have agonized over how to be good and please God with religious behaviour. Try as they may, they never seem to be good enough in their own eyes-and they end up with a chronic case of nagging guilt. If you carry this burden, Fritz Ridenour has good news: God never intended you to! In his classic study based on the book of Romans, he reveals why true Christianity is not a religion but a relationship. Christianity is not meant to be hamstrung by joyless, mind-numbing rituals, rules and traditions. Its not about us reaching up; its all about God reaching down to us. How to Be A Christian Without Being Religious is filled with Ridenour’s soft-spoken wisdom and generous good humour-all seasoned by his obvious great joy for living. Here you will learn how to realize your birthright in Christ and walk the path to a guilt-free life. Here’s the definitive introductory study to the book of Romans! Fritz Ridenour’s easy-to-understand commentary on the book of Romans presents Paul’s matchless combination of Christian doctrine and practical living in simple terms-making it easy for groups to apply timeless truths to their daily lives.

FOL-LIB/00072 Gary Armstrong

From the Palace to Prison

Gary Armstrong 1 Copy (Rental)

The Gary Armstrong story illustrates the power of the Lord Jesus Christ to reach a man, save him, change him and use him.
Gary devotes his energy and zeal to God both to preaching the gospel in his energy and zeal for God both to preaching the gospel in his own Northern Ireland as well as supporting the global mission work of taking the gospel to every nation before the Lord’s return.
“Gary is a member of our church fellowship. It gives me great joy to see the story of the grace of God in his life in print. I know it will be a blessing and a challenge to many”.

FOL-LIB/00073 Gbile Akanni

Becoming like Jesus

Gbile Akanni 1 Copy (Rental)

Becoming like Jesus is a short treatise on Discipleship. It mirrors several years of carefully built convictions of God’s ultimate goal for mankind.
The road to genuine and abundant living must wind through Golgotha with an ever increasing conformity with the man of Calvary, Jesus Christ, the Lord. Satan and the contemporary world have blackmailed this way and made it ever more unpopular. Many sincere Christians have been subtly diverted to seek victory and fulfilment through several shortcuts; sometimes with seeming “breakthroughs”. There is no true prosperity or life abundant life for any man who is still under the rule of the natural SELFLIFE! God’s unequivocal condition to man is: “Let him deny himself; and take up his cross and follow me”.

FOL-LIB/00074 George B. Duncan

It could be Your Problem

George B. Duncan 1 Copy (Rental)

George Duncan was born in 1912 in India and is the son of missionary parents. Ordained in 1937 he served churches in Worthing, Carlise, Edinburgh, and Cockfosters. He then undertook a world tour of convention ministry on behalf of the Keswick Convention Council, later becoming ministry of Portland Church, troon, Scotland and finally for twelve years minister of St. George Tron Church, Glasgow. In this book George address key questions on Christianity from his experience.

FOL-LIB/00100 John & Elizabeth Sherill

The Happiest People on Earth

John & Elizabeth Sherill 1 Copy (Rental)

This is a story to make you laugh, to make you cry, to build your faith. You’ll go with Demos.
● as he courts fifteen-year-old Gabrielian…the Armenian way
● as he ponders prophecies that make no sense
● as he and rose face the tragic loss of a little daughter
● as he copes with business crisis, discovers a deadly infection in his * dairy herds, encounters opposition from his family – while seeking God’s will for his life. Demos’s personal story shares a mighty secret that all believers need to know to survive these trouble times. Discover how to be the happiest people on earth.

FOL-LIB/00253 Chris Gbenle & Sharp Ugwuocha

The First Step to a Blissful Marriage

Chris Gbenle & Sharp Ugwuocha 1 Copy (Rental)

The First Step to a Blissful Marriage is a book written out of a passion to guide people (young and not so young) in choosing the right person to marry. Choice is very foundational to a blissful marriage. Some of the topics covered in the book are: factors that can influence the choice of whom to marry; wrong and right reasons to marry; some warning signals to watch out for when choosing a spouse; and common challenges people face when making their choice. Some of the questions that readily come to the mind of someone intending to marry were also addressed. The book is written with a strong Christian bias, but there is something in it for everyone who desires to have a successful marriage.

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