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Who we are
We are a group of volunteers with a variety of interests which allow us find, distill and share stories on happenings within our church community and the wider world of a nature that helps fulfill the Fountain of Love’s Mission viz – caring for one another and reaching out with the love of God to a world that is hurting around us.

We deliver on this mandate in two main ways – serving as a focal point for church notices and announcements and providing relevant news and information from the wider community and the world at large to our church audience.

Our centerpiece is the News31 presentation, delivered on Sunday afternoons, alongside which from time to time we interview prominent people in the news in our locale, report on special events and review and analyse the News through the lens of a Christian worldview.

We also act as focal points for pulling together our Annual Year End Review presentation which summarizes the highlights of our year both as individuals within the church and as a church community.

We are always keen to discuss service opportunities within the team with people with a flair for script writing, presenting and video editing and can be reached on the various channels above but also by email

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