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Although pioneered by the Fountain of Love Church, Aberdeen, Radio31 is an independent community-based radio station. Think great Music, Mentoring & Motivation? Then Radio31 is your one-stop place!

Radio31 was established to redefine media from being just a passive information-sharing medium to one that focuses on improving the lives of people as individuals, members of respective family units and communities through the love of Christ, music and the content of the messages we share.

To deliver this, we are committed to bringing you an all-day transmission courtesy of our team of creative and resourceful presenters with excellent programming and content through a continuous blend of music, talk shows and the Christian culture.

We believe we are a tool in the hands of God as a vehicle for positive impact; featuring content to inspire, encourage and motivate all who tune in to our station irrespective of where they are located in the world.

Radio31 is internet-based and you can connect to us by logging on to You can also download the Radio31 app on IOS so you don’t miss any of our programs.
We aim to cater for a wide range of listeners through varied programmes centred on Music, Mentoring & Motivation

AM & PM Jamz
This is a dual session of non-stop contemporary gospel music to usher listeners into the start of a new day as they set out to carry the various activities for the day; and again just around wrap up time for the day. Gospel drive is sure to leave you humming your favourite gospel tunes, dancing, snapping your fingers or singing your heart away. AM & PM Jamz air weekdays at 7am and 4pm.

Power Within
The show Power Within looks to help you fulfil your destiny through discovery, release and maximization of your God-given potentials. You will be informed about helpful materials for personal development and equipped to make a difference starting with your immediate community. Join Motivational Speaker, Teacher and Leader, Sam Adeyemi every Tuesday for mind-blowing sessions that will transform your life. Power Within airs every Tuesday at 8pm

Bible teaching with Joyce Meyer
Join Joyce Meyer Monday through Friday as she dissects the word of God to build your faith. Joyce shares on faith in the context of real life experiences and teachings from the bible aimed at different aspects of life. Bible teaching with Joyce Meyer airs weekdays at 2pm

Other Radio31 Programs:
- His Word Proclaimed: Mon-Sun 6am
- A Word in Season: Mon-Sun 10am
- Victory Hour: Thursdays, 10am repeats Saturday 5pm
- In conversation: Thursdays 8pm
- World Music: Sat-Sun 14:20pm
- Timeless Beatz: Mon-Sun 9pm
- Jazzitude: Mon-Sun 10pm

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